How to use big data in your business.

Businesses are growing increasingly Big Data demand. The reason is because we use Big Data to generate customer-centric business outcomes, optimize operations, and to strengthen management activities, including risk management and troubleshooting.

We also expect to be able to identify new markets and establish differentiated strategies through observation and analysis of data. With this expectation, Big Data will be used more and more in society. Let’s take a look at how we can use big data for each business sector.

  1. Medical Industry Division

We develop new drugs or diagnose diseases early through medical information (R & D, treatment, medical expenses) and patient’s general information (lifestyle, favorite food, etc). We also analyze individual genomic data to develop and prescribe personalized drugs.

  1. Marketing Industry Division

We present the optimal product and purchase conditions in real time through big data information such as past history of purchase, SNS message, and current location of the consumer. We also respond in real time to consumer responses to marketing activities such as advertising and events.

  1. Warranty Service Industry Division

Monitor the product status with a remote sensor attached to the product, perform remote repair, or dispatch personnel to take remedial action. Big data such as product usage pattern and breakdown history are reflected in the next product development.

  1. Transportation and Power Industry Division

We provide the best route using Smart phone, car navigation position, etc. We also design real-time electricity bills and plan for power generation facilities by utilizing big data such as past climate, weather information and power usage patterns.



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