Builton’s solution applied Industries

Builton Co., Ltd. is a company with big data collection and analysis solution. We suggest and provide suitable solutions for companies through each consultings.

We provide tailor-made solutions for each type of customer, from manufacturers to online shopping malls. We are doing our best to improve the competitiveness of our customers by providing the best analytical information such as sales information, consumer evaluation and popularity of online market.

  1. For manufacturers & brands

The manufacturer collects price and seller information of real time online goods, How effectively the products are exposed, Analyze customer satisfaction and sales volume trends based on content and ratings of purchases’ reviews.

Through these analytical data, manufacturers can compare and analyze their own products and competitive products. By establishing efficient advertising and promotion strategies for their own brands, they can get insights to reach consumers effectively.

It provides analysis reports required by the manufacturer through various solution service convergence, and also serves as expert consulting service.

  1. For online marketplaces

As online becomes increasingly globalized, online market sales are increasing day by day. In this situation, there are many online market companies being established at home and abroad and competition is intensifying.

Each marketplace is investing heavily in comparing and analyzing competitive prices, product composition, and various ad formats and sales for various reasons including benchmarking.

This online market analysis can be done with Builton’s e-commerce analysis solution. Beyond simple monitoring, we optimize the solution for the online market companies to provide competitive insights such as online commodity sales, price, customer satisfaction, and market popularity.

  1. For online distributors

Just as consumer buying patterns are changing from off-line to online markets including mobile, there are a number of being established online distributors that are fiercely competing. And there are a lot of precedents in which distributors who have entered the online market later are able to keep up with the growth rate through marketing and public relations.

In order to have better competitiveness in this situation, we need to monitor the competitors’ sales status, product composition, and sales pattern from time to time.

It is already recognized by most distributors that the competitive companies do not use a single marketplace. So even though most distributors spend a lot of time more looking for and more searching for information directly than their marketing activities, they only see piecemeal information.



In today’s complex global online marketplace, it is impossible to monitor sales information without a professional analytical solution. We hope you will gain a competitive edge in online market distribution with one step advanced insight through the specialized analysis information provided by Builton’s solution.



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