What is speed marketing and why companies should do speed marketing.

What is speed marketing and why companies should do speed marketing


Advances in technology have changed consumers, and consumers now respond very quickly to information. This can be seen from an anthropological study. The human race, which had been able to handle 1.5 jobs in the past, is now able to handle 1.7 jobs at a time. This speed change is due to the emergence of mobile and social media.

As the all life of the consumer connects to the network, the speed of service is accelerating. Consumers who are accustomed to a variety of real-time services have become to get higher expectations, and companies that are unable to respond in real time to the time they need, are being culled.

Consumers who are able to access all information easily with smartphone are demanding not only the quality of the product but also the speedy response to satisfy the quick desire.

Therefore, companies that fail to respond in real time to the time they need are at a high risk of being culled, no matter how well they make the product. Having a real-time responsive organizational structure to customers’ needs to solve customers need instantly has become a prerequisite for corporate competitiveness.

The game industry is launching a beta service to receive feedback from consumers before releasing the finished product. This method is necessary for speed marketing.

Zara, the leader of fast fashion, is the company that uses the speed marketing in best.

ZARA achieved speed innovation by unifying the process of designing, producing clothes and simplifying distribution processes. In fact, when a new fashion trend appears in the New York fashion show, Zara has a speed competitiveness that can be released as a new product within a week.

Zara’s speed competitiveness makes it possible to replace new products twice a week in store. Moreover, Zara’s speed is designed to eliminate the need for advertising. The reason why ZARA doesn’t advertise is that it doesn’t necessarily need advertising because consumers know the value of a fashion product that comes with a tremendous amount of speed in the ZARA stores. Speed gives customers new value.

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