What will Big Data analyst do?

What will Big Data analyst do

” What will Big Data analyst do?”

In general, Big Data analysts start by planning how and where to use the big data that accumulates in real time.

For example, if you run a mobile shopping mall, you’ll want to analyze in advance what are their favorite keywords by age, how long they stay on the site, and what factors like prices or reviews, affect to buy.

If you hav a plan, you need to find the resources of the big data to analyze, compile programs, and analyze statistical analysis.

Process the big data through the data processing platform and visualize the results. If you want to use the results in various fields, you can change the keywords such as control variables.

Big data analysts need to be able to handle trends in global markets and verticals because they deal with the latest trends. It’s also important to find new technologies, stories, articles and papers about big data around the world.

Domestic big data analysts are engaged in large companies, IT companies such as search portal sites, and specialized data analysis companies.

.Samsung, and LG, as well as Shinhan Card, Kookmin Card, and other financial companies are setting up a big data dedicated department. Typically, team members consist of 30 to 100 people per department.

Big Data experts need to collect and store real-time data as well as analyze and visualize data to derive business competitiveness. That can be said that the main task to derive meaningful results by analyzing massive amounts of big data.

As demand grows, companies are looking for big data analysts to increase productivity and increase sales, and the government is looking for big data analysts to improve public service efficiency, but the labor force is scarce.

So we are on the level of scouting experts from outside or retraining in-house staff. Therefore, the salary level has not yet been leveled. The salary of domestic big data analysts is similar to that of regular workers.

The point is that there are slight differences from the customer relationship management specialist. Former CRMs are committed to retaining customers or preventing departures, while Big Data analysts need to rely on the data from their customers as well as the data from their partners to anticipate expected customers and future market conditions.

We find out products that meet the customer’s lifestyle in advance and send out coupons, and customers who requested returns are categorized separately to provide countermeasures.



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