Big data age, data driven marketing is essential.

Big data age, data driven marketing is essential

Many companies today are focusing on customer data, and some companies do not make any marketing decisions without going through a data management solution. As data became increasingly important, marketing techniques called data-driven marketing were born.

The source of data is very diverse and everywhere. Transaction data may exist in the enterprise’s CRM and ERP systems, and there may be customer-related data in the customer support system. In addition, information is pouring out of many channels, including social networking sites and portal sites.

With such a massive volume of consumer data generated, many marketers are under pressure to use data to marketing. But the bigger problem is that the data from various sources are not all of the equal value.

Eventually, marketers even had to work picking out valuable data in the sea of useless data. In the process, big data experts can tell marketers about the value of these data, but small businesses without big data experts are not even able to do data driven marketing.

So, we, Builton have developed [eCommerce Analysis Solution] so that SMEs can conduct data-driven marketing directly. Now, many companies will be able to use the solutions to collect, organize and leverage vast amounts of data, without big data experts, to drive effective data-driven marketing.



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