Big data definition, let me tell you about it!

Today, we live in the zeta byte era, and the digital information volume is growing exponentially with the expansion of smart devices, the Internet of things, and social networks. In fact, in 2020, the amount of digital information is expected to reach about 35 zettabytes.

Big Data is the process of storing, gathering, excavating, analyzing, and commercializing data in the ocean of information called internet. The concept of data in the past was simply a concept of storage or collection. But with the advent of the Smart Era, data has been represented to the data expressing infographic with the valuable information that is stored or collected through various digital devices, and encompasses all of the business processes that are sold to the desired person or organization.

The biggest role of big data here is the business of data. It means the overflowing data which is not belonged to anyone replaces into money. To create big data business, you need to focus on data as software rather than hardware.

It is the business of analyzing the data spread on the web, making it into new secondary data, and selling the processed secondary data to related organizations or people.

Big data is a field of technology covering hardware, software, computer engineering, ergonomics, even science and language.

Therefore, big data requires multidisciplinary understanding such as statistics, economics, IT technology, and mathematics, and is a field that requires integrated thinking and intuitiveness other than academic knowledge.


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