Market shares in Korea marketplace and worldwide

Key factors that drive the action camera are Pinterest, Yahoo’s (YHOO) Subsidiary Flickr, and Facebook’s (FB) subsidiary Instagram, where people share their captured experience. The demand for camcorders is volatile. It’s the most prominent in a particular season that’s being driven by a specific occasion—like a sports event.
In Korea online marketplace, NOVATEK has the leading market share of 60.0% (5 latest action cameras which are doing pretty good on the market; SJ9000 UHD, SJ9000SE, SJ7000WIFI, SJ 4000, EKEN H3). Its’s followed by XIAOMI and SONY, GoPro with almost 35% share.
In Worldwide, GoPro (GPRO) has the leading market share of 47.50%. It’s followed by ION with a 12% share, Sony (SNE) Action Cam with a 6.50%–8% share, and Polaroid has around 1% of the market share.


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