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Priceon™, Reviewon™, Shelfon™, Channelon™

Builton Co., Ltd.’s eCommerce Analytics Platform consists of Priceon, Reviewon, Shelfon and Channelon.
We provides online marketing insights - through real-time
monitoring ofonline sales and analyzing selling prices, customer satisfaction,
and productpopularity - our real-time online market official channel authorization
system that allows our customers to buy our client's’ products with trust.

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Introduction of Scanon

O2O Big Data 
Analysis & Consulting


O2O Big Data
Analysis & Consulting

Comprehensive Business and Consumer insight for Faster, Smarter, and Better

It's the best way to insert data into physical devices and gain insights from mobile devices through scanning awareness. Self-solution-based (online, offline, and location-based data consulting/analytics) platforms and services enable you to identify trends, predict the future, and derive desired insights that businesses and consumers want.


  • Scanon Platform
  • O2O (Online to Offline) Big Data Analysis
  • Accurate and sharp insight analysis services
  • O2O(Online to Offline) Big Data Consulting
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With O2O data analysis and digital marketing, Scanon can provide business insight, optimized marketing, and economic profitability, helping to meet consumer needs and define profitable targets.

1. Smart IoT ( Identity of Things) service platform

Scanon is a technology that inserts invisible data into physical devices and obtains insight through scan awareness on mobile devices.

  • The concept of the new distribution that combines online, offline and logistics (easy e-commerce induction)
  • Pricing & Promotion : New investments and strategies optimization to maximize sales
  • Shopper & Retail : Increasing the contact point between the company and the consumer and maximizing the efficiency of Omni Channel
  • Media : Smart media advertising, promotion, ROI maximization
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2. O2O (Online to Offline) interrelated big data analysis

Online and offline data analysis + Toluna (research company) Customer channel analysis

  • High-capacity data (DB / Files/ Log) rapid collection and accumulation
  • Multi-source (ftp / HDFS / RDB / Kafka, etc.) data integrated collection and accumulation / analysis
  • Big Data Location Data Analysis + Location Based Mapping Intelligence Service Usage and Data Analysis
  • Real-time Consumer Panel Data Analysis by Toluna Research Company (Number of panels: 10 Million Members)
O2O (Online to Offline) Interrelated Big Data Analysis Image

3. Accurate and sharp insight analysis services

Intuitive and interactive report delivery - Provides intuitive and interactive web-based real-time/visual analytics reports that enable you to discover the potential insights of B2B and B2C integrated data and gets Insight that businesses and consumers want.

4. Big data consulting

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• Marketing Effectiveness
Establish an effective advertising strategy to identify the needs of businesses and consumers (providing a campaign-obtaining measurement service)

• Sales Effectiveness
Provide comprehensive insights into the market environment and establish, implement, monitor and evaluate optimized promotional plans

• Market Intelligence
Supporting consulting based on insights derived from big data such as market, customer and product analysis

• Performance measurement
Extracting insights for actual performance to improve, such as revenue data analysis, consumer analysis, and channel competitiveness analysis