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The eCommerce Analytics Platform as a Service shows what you do in marketing.

Builton Co., Ltd. provides up-to-date sales information, including the bestseller product brand, selling prices, discounted prices, shipping information, etc., by providing 24-hour monitoring and real time information that can help companies establish effective online marketing strategies.

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eCommerce Big Data
Analytics Platform

eCommerce Analytics

Online market information is provided through our eCommerce analysis system.

Having a hard time acquiring the type of accurate information required for online marketing? Do you need an online market analysis tool that allows you to find the information you need in a pool of excessive information?
Builton Co., Ltd. is a professional eCommerce big data analysis company that monitors global online market sales intelligence 24/7 in order to provide up-to-date sales information to companies on a real time basis.
Builton Co., Ltd.’s services such as Priceon, Reviewon, Shelfon, and Channelon are optimized tools for eCommerce analysis, which can effectively monitor and analyze online market sales intelligence.
Through consistent and systematic analysis, Builton Co., Ltd. provides accurate online market intelligence in order to maximize the competitiveness of our client’s company.

Business Intelligence

Advanced business insights can be implemented to establish companies’ online marketing strategies

For a global market that targets customers worldwide, up-to-date global online market product sales intelligence needs to be accurately analyzed.
Builton Co., Ltd. analyzes and provides detailed up-to-date globalized online market sales intelligence so that we provides business important company insight.
Global online marketing is a field that requires a particular level of advanced business insights. Explore advanced business insights from Builton Co., Ltd. that accurately analyzes up-to-date eCommerce sales intelligence 24/7.
The center of global business is online eCommerce. The foundation of the business is the ability to perceive online market sales information accurately in order to establish marketing strategies.

Platform as a Service

Builton Co., Ltd. aims to provide an online market sales analysis solution platform.

Many companies who receive product sales information from consulting companies or big data analysis companies need more accurate up-to-date product sales information for establishing marketing strategies.
Builton Co., Ltd. is a professional eCommerce analysis company that offers a platform service in that provides more accurate and convenient up-to-date product sales information by monitoring global online market activities.
Solution services have evolved to grant access to clients anywhere anytime by logging in without any special equipment or installation. Builton Co., Ltd. has advanced technology that enables our clients to use all solutions via PaaS service, which is the next-generation cloud platform.

Channel Authorization

Our online market channel authorization system supports branding of official channels.

So far it has been difficult for customers to distinguish trustworthy online channels from others. It is important to build a system where customers can identify the authenticity of the products and have confidence of the seller in the online marketplaces.
Branding of online channels is essential, especially for customers who are only sensitive to the online market prices.
Through our product, Channelon, Builton Co., Ltd. provides a real-time authorization function, featured with time stamp,
hollogram tag, QR code, etc. that can be used to identify the official retailers on the product page for branding of our client’s official channel.
Moreover, Builton Co., Ltd.’s real-time authorization system increases brand recognition and the trust levels of customers and amplifies sales performance by comprehensively analyzing and managing online channels, events, and customer flow.