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Builton Co., Ltd. provides solutions necessary for companies.

Builton Co., Ltd. provides appropriate solutions to our clients through consulting for each company.
We will analyze and provide online sales intelligence, online reviews, popularity and other
analytical information in a way that allows us to present tailored solutions for our clients
ranging from manufacturers to online shopping mall companies.
Through this we strive to increase our client’s companies’ competitiveness.

Online distributors image

Introduction Of The Solutons

For online distributors

For online distributors

Now that our current customers are migrating from offline to online markets, the scale of our online business is growing rapidly each year. Thus, many online distributors have merged, competing with each other. In order to acquire a better competitive edge in opposition to increasing competitors, it is necessary to constantly monitor competitors’ sales information, product components, and forms of sales, etc. Even though most distributors spend a lot of time looking for sales information, they end up checking a limited amount of information. In our current convoluted global online market environment, monitoring sales information is impossible without professional analytic solutions. I hope that online distributors will obtain advanced insights and secure online market distributing competitiveness through professional analysis information provided by Builton Co., Ltd. eCommerce Analytic Solution.

BUILTON’S SOLUTIONS Builton’s solutions should not be optional, also be necessary.

  • Securing Price Competitiveness in Opposition to Competitors
  • Discovering Popular Online Items
  • International Price Monitoring


We constantly monitor and analyze other distributors’ prices of the same type of product as yours and take countermeasures real time, equipping you with the tools you need to achieve a high level of price competitiveness.

Success Case

Company S

Now it is possible to check competitors’ selling prices using a lot less time than before.

Unless you are selling certain products exclusively, it is important to check your competitors’ selling prices for online sales. However, in the past it was almost impossible to check all sales pages, therefore making it difficult to accurately check prices. After implementing Solution, I can automatically monitor and check shopping malls that sell the same product, a particular seller’s information and selling prices, which helps me to understand the current status of competitors’ sales performance and therefore establish appropriate price policies.


In order to expand our client’s product line, we help you constantly monitor popular items online and analyze and examine customer reactions.

Success Case

Company G

It has become so much easier to discover new products because I can easily check popular products in different categories.

It is necessary to discover and distribute various competitive products in order to increase sales. First, it is crucial to understand customers’ needs for certain products. Builton Co., Ltd. Solution provides objective data that allows me to understand category popularity rankings for each shopping mall and customer satisfaction for certain products sold at those shopping malls in order to help me select and distribute new products.


We provide data for international distributors that allows them to quickly respond to the domestic situation and appeal to the international headquarters by monitoring both our client’s imported and international product prices.

Success Case

Company J

It has been helpful to be able to easily compare domestic and international prices.

Since online shopping has been active, distributing imported goods online has become generalized as well. Customers can now check domestic and international prices at international shopping malls, and now domestic headquarters have to check international prices. Builton Co., Ltd. Solution enables me to check prices at domestic and international main shopping malls, helping me to establish domestic price policies that effectively consider the issue of price fairness. It is also a lot easier to share current information with international headquarters through price trend reporting.