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Priceon™, Reviewon™, Shelfon™, Channelon™

Builton Co., Ltd.’s eCommerce Analytics Platform consists of Priceon, Reviewon, Shelfon and Channelon.
We provides online marketing insights - through real-time
monitoring ofonline sales and analyzing selling prices, customer satisfaction,
and productpopularity - our real-time online market official channel authorization
system that allows our customers to buy our client's’ products with trust.

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Introduction Of Priceon

Online Market
Sales Intelligence Analysis


We monitor and analyze our client’s and competitor’s product sales patterns sold on online real time. We help expedite the online marketing strategizing process by analyzing and providing selling prices, discount information, shipping information, and other up-to-date eCommerce information.


  • Online Market Selling Price Analysis
  • Selling Price History Analysis
  • Information Analysis by Channel
  • Mobile & Email Alert
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Priceon™ monitors and analyzes our client’s and competitor’s product(SKU) selling prices, discounted prices, shipping price information in order to assess the global price system of the products that are currently being sold in the global online marketplaces and to help our client strategize their product selling price policies.

1.Online market selling price analysis

Monitoring of the Product’s Lowest Price We monitor and analyze selling price changes across all product categories in the global online marketplaces. We convert the prices into different currencies based on our client’s country’s currency in order to monitor, compare and analyze the price changes on the global online market real time.

Monitoring of the Product’s Lowest Price image

A Firm Grasp of Convoluted Online Price System We offer detailed online market product price information which enables you to see different selling prices, discounted prices, shipping prices, and other information categorized by online market channel.

A Firm Grasp of Convoluted Online Price System image

2.Selling price pattern history

Price Pattern Monitoring of Each Website Priceon monitors and presents daily, weekly, monthly graphs that display the historical trends of our client’s and competitor’s selling prices for their different web sites. It also analyzes the minimum price, maximum price, average price, and other prices for our client to use this information to plan marketing strategies.

Selling price pattern history image

Comparison of Prices of Individual Item in a Package and Basic Unit Priceon allows clients to conveniently compare prices by presenting a client’s and competitor’s selling prices per individual item and basic unit (volume, length). It also allows them to check each shopping mall’s main product’s quantities per package as well as the lowest selling price and weekly price patterns per basic unit real time.

Toiletpaper price pattern per M. weeky image

3.Information analysis by channel

Selling Price Pattern Analysis by Channel Priceon analyzes and monitors our client’s and competitor’s sales numbers, current price, product components by online channel, comparing and analyzing the competitiveness of our client’s online channel and that of your competitor’s.

Selling Price Pattern Analysis by Channel image


Monitoring without Limitations of Time and Place. Priceon automatically notifies clients who travel often about their online market monitoring analysis results, including diagrams and reports, via your mobile, email, etc. Users may set the time for notifications so as to quickly receive important information without limitations of time and place.