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Priceon™, Reviewon™, Shelfon™, Channelon™

Builton Co., Ltd.’s eCommerce Analytics Platform consists of Priceon, Reviewon, Shelfon and Channelon.
We provides online marketing insights - through real-time
monitoring ofonline sales and analyzing selling prices, customer satisfaction,
and productpopularity - our real-time online market official channel authorization
system that allows our customers to buy our client's’ products with trust.

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Introduction Of Channelon

Online Market 
Official Channel Authorization


By applying unique authorization technology to the online product page real time, customers can identify authentic products and official retailers. As a result, manufacturers can secure online channels and increase the level of customers’ trust on products and retailers in a way that hopefully improves sales performance.


  • Online Market Official Channel Real-time Authorization System
  • Branding of Online Market Official Channel in Opposition to Unofficial Channels
  • Online Market Official Channel Event Across-the-board Management
  • Online Market Official Channel Product Page View(PV) Analysis

1.Online Market Official Channel Real-Time Authorization System

Timestamp, HologramTag, QR code

Provides authorization technology which features a time stamp, hologram tag, QR codes, etc. for identifying official retailers.

Timestamp, HologramTag, QR code image

Online Channel Authorization

Provides technology for online customers to trust and purchase officially sold products.

Online  Channel  Authorization  image
Timestamp, HologramTag, QR code & online  Channel  Authorization image

Channelon features authorization technology on the product page with time stamp, hologram tag, QR code, etc. to help identify official online channels real time. Corporates can provide this authorization technology to their official channels so that their online customers are better able to identify and trust these official channels when buying products.

2.Bradning of Online Market Official Channel in Opposition to Unofficial Channels.

Customers want to purchase authentic products and services sold at official online retailers. Channelon provides technology that allows customers to easily identify the official retailers so that they can trust and buy authentic products.

Customer Safe Purchase image
Hologram process image

3. Online Market Official Channel Event
across-the-board Management

Online events are very diverse and thus, need to be quickly operated in order to be efficient. Channelon provides a powerful tool to manage events by product, market, seller channel so that event changes can be made easily.

Channelon Event Management Tool image

4.Online Market Official Channel Product Page(PV) Analysis

Customers who are interested in purchasing products will directly visit the products’ page, allowing us to monitor and analyze the number of views real time and as a consequence provide invaluable insights.

Online Market Official Channel Product Page(PV) Analysis image